What's Cooking This Week?

Before this new years arrives at our doorstep, I though I should make a resolution to eat healthy and be fit. Generally I eat healthy stuffs but its never on time. So today morning when I went to the farmers market to buy veggies, I suddenly came up with this thought of maintaining a food diary, online. This would ‘help’ me maintain a regular food schedule and in a way I can plan the meal for the week. Yes, I intend to start with a weekly planner so that it is easier to maintain the schedule and saves me the hassle of standing in front of the open refrigerator racking my brains on what to cook.

Taking into stock, the veggies, fruits and groceries I have at hand I will make a list of the menu for the week and put it up. In case there are alterations, I will update the list. Most alterations will occur in the dinner menu , as we might eat out while going for a walk / shopping or when hubby or me gets a sudden craving for one of our favorites.

I plan to try out recipes with lesser known ingredients and I will be trying out a lot of recipes from your blogs too. The new recipes will be posted as soon as I can write them .My family always looks forward to a complete Indian meal for lunch . So you will find gravy to go with rice, a vegetable curry, rasam and curd in the daily menu. Side by side I will jot down what I ate. Sometimes, I don’t feel like eating the regular meal. So make something quick and easy for myself.

These days I make it a point to exercise even if it for 45 minutes-the maximum time I can allocate for myself. With a little one at home and no maid to help around I can just manage to get an hour free when Lil angel sleeps. The house works, climbing up and down 4 floors more than a couple of times each day should count for something I guess.

Here we go with the menu plan.

1/12/2010 [Wednesday]

Breakfast – Adai with Cabbage Chutney

Lunch – Carrot More kuzhambu
      Spicy mushroom stir fry
      Rasam & Curd

Tea time –Ulundhu Vadai

Dinner – Chettinad dosai with brinjal bajji

2/12/2010 [ Thursday]

Breakfast – Wheat flour dosai with sambar

Lunch – Radish Sambar
      Simple carrot stir fry
      Rasam & Curd

I will have a healthy burger

Tea time – Bonda soup [for the family. ]

Dinner – Chapathi with palak Tofu

3/12/2010 [Friday]

Breakfast – Hakka Noodles Dumpling

Lunch – Masala kuzhambu Chori Palak Gravy
          Spicy ridgegourd curry Potato curry
           Rasam & Curd

Tea time – Purple cabbage soup

Dinner – Poori sagu Dinner at hotpot

4/12/2010 [ Saturday]

Breakfast – Pasta Multiflour dosa with tomato gravy

Lunch – Flavored rice
      Vegetable stir fry
       Rasam & Curd

Tea time – Stuffed mirchi fries Purple cabbage soup

Dinner – Dinner at hotpot  Poori Saagu

5/12/2010 [Sunday]

Breakfast – Porridge

Lunch – Lilva -tomato sambar, simple beans stirfry, rasam, curd

Tea time – Ragda Pattice

Dinner – We may eat out  Kambu dosai and brinjal bajji


Breakfast – Dumpling  Hakka Noodles

Lunch – Greens sambar Taro root khadi
              Potato curry Spicy ridgegourd curry
              Vepampoo Rasam and curd

Tea time –Dokla

Dinner – Don’t know what to prepare. May be I will tempt hubby to have one of our favorites. Nope, that can’t be done. Will think of something. Carrot chapathi and some paneer gravy


Breakfast – Ragi dosai with coriander chutney

Lunch - Red bean gravy with spinach
            Aloo baingan curry
            Rasam and curd

Teatime – I’m clueless

Dinner – same as breakfast

Uff, this list took a long time to write. I had to think and think and finally its done. Hopefully I can stick to this schedule and do pardon me if this post was terribly boring…