Fruity Breakfast Crunch

Experts say 'Breakfast food is brain food'. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day.Studies show that a healthy breakfast is a must for everyone especially children. Children who had breakfast were found to have a better memory and perform better in studies.Studies also suggested that a child who skips breakfast regularly was found to be less attentive, hyperactive, have behavioral problems like stealing, fighting etc.

A breakfast with milk fruit and cereal is one of the best way to kick start the day. When I tried this formulation for Lil Angel who has just started her Kindergarten, all these 3 failed to go reach her. She either had a cup of milk or just cornflakes or a small piece of fruit.

Then I found a better way to include the 3 important food groups in the form of this fruity breakfast crunch. This dish has no recipe actually and hardly takes 5 minutes to put together. Yogurt, fruits and cornflakes go into this dish to make it crunchy, healthy and flavorful. Now I can see my Lil Angel relish this without complaint.

Adults too can try this as its quite nutritious and  not very fussy on what goes into making this.

I used:

Mixed fruits- chopped [I used dragon fruit, banana, cherries]
Flavored yogurt [You can use fresh plain yogurt also]
Kellogs chocos

In a tall glass put in the fruits, add yogurt.Top it up with more fruits.Add the kellogs, drizzle more yogurt. Finish off with a few cherries.

Note :

Don't you agree that it is a healthy way to start the day....

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