Bonda Juice | Refreshing Tender Coconut Drink

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the benefits of tender coconut water. Everyday, be it any time of the year, a vendor comes selling these tender coconuts in a push cart near our home. Lil Angel likes this and loves to drink it straight from the tender coconut though  initially I used to transfer the contents into her sipper. I let her drink anyway she prefers.

Tender coconut water is actually the liquid endosperm . It is a nutritious and wholesome beverage that comes straight from nature. It is low in calories - 17.4 /100 grams.

It has a numerous health benefits. Some of them are listed here...

Coming to the nutrient side we see that it is

Once while browsing Prathiba's blog, I saw this recipe and had bookmarked it. After a long time I made this last week and served it to Lil Angel. She seemed to notice the different way of serving the tender coconut water but drank it anyway.

The name Bonda juice is quite intriguing. For those who are familiar with the snack 'Bonda', it may sound very   funny. But this term comes from the Tulu language 'Bonda' which means tender coconut.

The meat found inside the tender coconut has more water and is gel like. As the coconut matures the constitution changes.

I used:

Tender coconut - 1
  1. Bore a hole and drain the water.
  2. Break it open and scoop out the tender meal.
  3. Sugar - 1 teaspoon[Use only if the tender coconut water is not sweet enough]
  4. Blend all the ingredients for a couple of minutes. There should still be bits of coconut meal in the juice. 
  5. Serve immediately.

This was quite different form the usual way we drink tender coconut water.

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