Dragon Fruit & Banana Smoothie

I have always fancied the Dragon fruit. You can read here about my first introduction to this beautiful fruit.I have fallen in love since then.

I got a couple of these pink fruits a few days ago in the plans of creating as many dragon fruits recipes as possible.So in the next few weeks you can expect some easy yet awesome recipes with Dragon fruit.

There is a way of preparing this fruit for eating as such or for further processing.

Cut this fruit lengthwise

Run a spoon around the edges [between the flesh and the peel]

Gently tap out the flesh

If a small amount of pulp is stuck to the flesh scrape it off with a spoon

Dice the flesh.

The 'shell' can be used as a fancy cup to serve salad, sorbet, jelly etc. Freeze the shell until you are ready to use it.

Now coming to today's recipe, it's a very simple smoothie that is totally refreshing when served chilled.The crunchiness from the seeds is bound to impress kid's and adults alike.

I used:

Dragon fruit, cubed - 1/2 a large fruit
Banana,chopped - 1,small
Blueberry flavored yogurt [chilled] - 200ml

Blend the dragon fruit cubes,banana with yogurt and serve immediately.


The smoothie was mildly flavored and my Lil Angel 'ate' it from a spoon!The next time, I will add a little water as it was very thick.

This goes to Srivalli's kid's delight event hosted here with the theme Cool Comforts , Nayna's Mocktails and cooler event, started by Pari

and also to Divya's Show me your summer cooler event

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