Scrumptious Delights From Leftovers - An Event Announcement

The other day I had some leftover idlis from breakfast and thought I will give to my maid.She did not turn up for work that day and at night I still had them staring at me.So I changed it into idli upma.[Lil Angel prefers idli upma to idlis!!]Leftover rice from the night's meal is a big 'NO' from my maid who says 'old stuff' doesn't suit her health.Most of the times,I do avoid situations leading to a container full of leftovers staring back at me.But sometimes,this does happens and I am in a dilemma - to use or to waste.Wasting is sinful but there are no takers for the reheated stuffs.So I like to change it in form and present it as another dish.Lo and behold,it disappears within minutes!!!

Then I thought it will be a nice idea to collect ideas and recipes that use leftover food to prepare something tasty and masks the original dish .Turn your idli's into masala / fried idli or use the last few ladles of batter to create a different dish.Let your chapathi's transform into wraps / roll or something new.Create gravies from leftover rasam/sambar.Transform rice into a new and colorful dish...These are just a few ideas from my side.I know you guys are so creative that you will have loads of ideas....So dear buddies,I invite you to send in your ideas / recipes to create a dish using leftovers.

You already know the rules but let me outline it yet again for the benefit of our budding bloggers...

  1. Cook any Vegan / Vegetarian  dish using leftovers and blog about it this month.
  2. Make a link back to this announcement and if you have used someone's idea, link it to her post as well.
  3. Multiple entries are welcome
  4. Archived entries are accepted as long as you link it to the announcements and update the post .
  5. You can share the recipe sent here with other events as well.
  6. Non bloggers are most welcome to participate
  7. The deadline is August 31st 2010.
  8. Once you have blogged about your dish, mail the following details to with the subject - Scrumptious Delights From Leftovers

Waiting to see your creative recipes....