Fruit Wrap

When do you have a tasty,filling,quick to prepare and nutritious breakfast?Well that's too many to look into when preparing a meal.I have all these when I have left over's .Wondering how?

Let me explain.When there are left over Chapathi's I make it a wrap and put in a variety of fillings and get myself all those I mentioned above.

Here is is one example-with fruits

All you need to do place a chapathi on a flat surface.Brush a little honey on the surface[optional].Arrange a few lettuce leaves.Next come the fruits-one or a variety is totally your choice.

Wrap it up and take a bite.

Isn't it it tasty,healthy,easy to prepare and filling!!!!I have one more such healthy wrap to share, so be on the lookout.....


This tasty wrap is off to join Priya for her maiden event -Cooking for kids[CFK],where this months theme is whole wheat with fruits!!!CFK is an event started by Sharmi

Meanwhile check-out one more wrap that will interest you-A healthy Chapathi wrap,an Indian version of a Frankie...

Healthy living....

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