Veggi Chapathi-A nice way to sneak veggies into lil' ones menu...

Almost every time I counsel a mother regarding the diet of her child,the first thing they tell me is that their child refuses to eat veggie curries and even the veggie in the sambar!Some kids even leave out the veggies in the kurma /gravy and eat the watery portion alone.

This problem of 'not eating veggies' is not confined to the kids alone coz many a times I have heard teenagers also refusing them.Of course, they don't mind the french fries and stuff but its the home cooked veggies that they don't like to touch.

My uncle used a different way to ensure that my cousins ate their veggies.When they sat for lunch or dinner,the veggie curry or salad would be served first.Only after they completed it,rice or any other dish would be served!!Now things have changed though.

Not all kids like this idea,'So what can we do to make them eat?' the mothers would ask me..'Simple' I would say-'Conceal the veggies in one of their favorite dishes' and voila 2 people are satisfied at the same time.

One such easy dish is veggie chapathi.Mix any grated veggie or a combination of veggies with the flour and pass it over to ur kid and I'm sure the kid can never guess whats inside.In case u use grated beetroot,the chappathi will have a beautiful color and the child will like the 'colored' chapathi.

You need:

Whole wheat flour -2 cups + 1/2 cup for dusting
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds-1 teaspoon
Warm water
Mixed grated veggies
[I used grated- radish& carrot,finely chopped spring onion& coriander leaves]

In a large bowl put in the wheat flour ,salt,cumin seeds,grated veggies and mix well.

Add luke warm water little by little and knead well to a stiff dough.

Cover with a damp cloth and let it rest for atleast half an hour.

Again knead the dough.It will be soft now.

Divide the dough into even sized balls.

Roll out with a rolling pin into a even roundels, dusting it with a little flour

Heat a griddle and place the rolled out dough and cook till it changes color and small brown spots appear.

Flip it over

Remove from heat when both sides are cooked.

Store the cooked chapthis in a bowl lined with a towel to keep them warm and soft

Serve as such or brushed with a little ghee.

I served this with Chole.

This veggie Chapathi brushed with a little ghee can be given to toddlers and hence it goes to my event Tasty Bites For Toddlers

You can add grated cheese/paneer along with the veggies or make ur own combiantions to feed a fussy/picky eater and watch the chapathi disappear from their plates!!!

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