Tomato- Red Lentil Soup for T and C

Once again I am late in posting the recipe for Taste and CreateWith the festive season around the corner and the prep's for it being given priority, everything else is taking a backseat.

This month I was paired with Kat of Study Food. I have already been paired with her earlier and made this -
Roasted Curried Chickpeas , Oven fries.

This time, I opted for a simple and nourishing soup from her space....

Before going on to the recipe, a little about the book in the background. That is a novel called - Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind.It is a 775 paged book and it is not one that I purchased! No, I never stole it or pretended to forget returning it to the owner...

This book was a something like a gift from a patient of mine. In the hospital that I worked, there was this patient who had to stay there for around 6 months or more and then when we used to take the ward rounds, I noticed him reading all the time. It was either this or some other novel.

So one day, I asked him what he was reading . I told him I loved to read too and he immediately handed me this book to read.In spite of telling him that I did not have time to read / finish it , he insisted and I could not refuse!

Back then our schedule was so hectic and I could hardly read a page a day so I went on to return it to him a few weeks later. But he said I could keep it and that I would surely like the story. Since he would be coming for regular check ups he said he would pick it up from me if he wanted to read it again!But he never came after that... I hope is is well....

Well, this book, I was able to read it after I switched jobs! I used to read it during lunch hour and the best thing was that the reading was done after a hearty lunch at home! So, I did finish that book and it was really hard to put it down in between!

It went to the attic with the other books when I got married and a few weeks back when I took down my boxes from mom's attic, I found this one! I took it back with me to read it once again and let's see when I am able to finish start it..

This book - Wizard's First Rule is an epic fantasy that got filmed as a series later on.It is a very , very interesting story of wizards, dark rituals,lots and lots of magic, and much more that will surely leave the reader spell bound!!!

So, now to the soup....

I used:
Recipe Source: Study food

Masoor dal -1/2 cup
Tomato -2, roughly chopped
Garlic-2 pods
Onion-1 finely chopped
Cumin seeds- 1/2 teaspoon
Oil-1 teaspoon
Chilli powder- 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste

1. Take the dal, tomato and garlic in a vessel and add enough water . Pressure cook it till done. Strain the soup when cool enough ti handle and reserve the liquid. Puree  the dal-tomato mixture. Keep aside.

2. Heat oil in a pan and add the cumin seeds. When they crackle, add the onion and saute till soft.Add the reserved liquid from the above step and the pureed dal.

3. Put in the chili powder and salt. Mix well and bring to boil.

Remove from heat and serve hot.....

Each month,it is fun creating dishes for  Taste and Create ...Would you like to join ? .Just email Min with your name, blog name and a link to your blog to sign up.Hope to see you in the next edition of Taste and Create....

Bon Appetit...

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