Microwave Beetroot Halwa

What is a celebration without sweets.There are two reasons to celebrate .One is Srivalli's MEC event which is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and so is Taste and create.I wanted to prepare a cupcake from Piage's blog but since I was busy with some packing and moving I did not have time to do it.I will be trying out something from her blog by the end of this month but before that I wanted to celebrate for Taste and create.

Now to the dessert,this halwa can be made in the microwave and is very simple as usual.

I used:

Beetroot-2 cups,grated
Milk-2 1/2 cups
Condensed milk-2 tablespoons
Sugar-3/4th cup
Roasted cashews -1 tablespoon

  1.  Heat milk in a microwave safe bowl for 4 minutes or till  warm.
  2. Put in beetroot , mix well.Microwave on high for 15 minutes.Stir twice in between.
  3. Add sugar and mix well.
  4. Microwave on high for 5 minutes.It will become watery.
  5. Mix well and add condensed milk and stir .
  6. Microwave for another 15 minutes or till the milk is fully absorbed.
  7. Leave it in the microwave for 3 minutes and remove.If you like you can mash it with the back of a laddle or leave it as such for a textured halwa.
  8. Mix in the roasted nuts and serve warm or cold.

It can also be served along with Vanilla Icecream and the combo is sure to please the guests and their tastebuds....

This also goes to Srivalli other event-365 days of MW cooking

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Bon Appetit...

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