Every year when I come home to India,I make a list of all that I have to...... -any guesses? Shop? visit? Call? No,its a list of all that I have to eat!!Not just eat but it must be prepared by mom.So even before I pack I tell mom to 'schedule' her cooking to suit my list.

So when I am at her place,I am in heaven.The items that are invariably present in the list are Bisi bele huli anna,happala karadha payasa,Kaalu chutney to name a few.The other dishes appear and disappear on the list in accordance to my craving.

The last time I visited my parents,mom told me that she tasted a dish that was different and tasty and would love to prepare for me.I was really surprised at the ease of preparation.This dish a tasty blend of two dishes.One is a dish that we make everyday and another is a dish that is a must when kids are at home or for tea time snacks.What happens when these two dishes are put together?Very simple,we get -Rasavadai.

As you might have guessed by now,it's something similar to sambar vadai.The vadai or gram fritters are soaked in Rasam/Saaru.
All you need is

Ulundhu vadai
Clear Rasam / Saaru
Boondhi / Sev / Mixture
Coriander leaves to garnish

  1. Place an ulundhu vadai in individual serving cups
  2. Pour clear rasam over it till it is completely submerged.
  3. Garnish with boondi/sev/mixture and coriander leaves.


If you want a crispy Rasavadai serve immediately.If you prefer a soft vadai,dip in hot water before step 1,Squeeze out the water gently and place in serving cups and proceed.

This is a very different and tasty dish espicially coz its prepared by mom!!!Sending this to Sabitha's Celebrating Mom event

Bon Appetit...

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