Parotta is a famous breakfast dish in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.When paired with Kurma they can rightly called ' A perfect match'!!!!

When I was working for a super specialty hospital,the lunch timings would be near tea time!!!The schedule was hectic and on certain days we dietitians would start lunch around 3pm!In spite of advising people to have their meals on time,we could rarely follow it.

One 'benefit' of eating late was the assurance of tasting Parotta that would be prepared around out lunch time.[It was actually prepared for the canteen attached to the hospital and not for the patients]The cook who was in charge of parotta making would make sure that we got our share piping hot parottas with Kurma.

Any time I make or taste it,I never fail to recollect the kind hearted chef who knew our love for parottas and never missed sending them across to our dining room.

His method of preparation involved loads of oil and some handiwork [which I can never imagine doing].I follow the recipe that uses very less oil and simple steps,yet you get the layers and the taste.

I used:

All purpose flour- 2 cups
Oil-1 tablespoon
Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl.Add water little by little and knead well.Let it rest,covered,for 15 minutes.

The method for preparing these layered delight is very simple and the pics speak for themselves,nevertheless, am going ahead and writing the procedure.

  1. Pinch out a ball of dough and roll it out.Dust a little flour if needed.[Pic 2]
  2. Start pleating from one side till u get a pleated rope.[Pic 3,4]
  3. Roll the rope into a circle.[Pic 5,6]
  4. Press lightly and roll out again.It has to be thicker than Chapathi.[Pic 7,8]
  5. Heat a griddle and cook on both sides till brown spot appear .Drizzle oil if needed.[Pic 9,10]
Serve hot.....

We enjoyed this with red bean gravy.Sending this to veggie platter for Jhiva:Breakfasts.Jhiva is an event that was started by Indira of Mahanandhi

Bon Appetit...

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