Down the memory lane -Deepavali

After a wonderful Deepavali and a break for 2 days,I am back to share some memories.

Each and every festival brings back fondest memories and inevitably they are from my childhood.Then I feel it would have been so nice if I never grew up.Well,somethings can only be dreamt of...

This Deepavali too,got back some childhood memories.I was in middle school and we were in a colony exclusive for the company staffs .So naturally there was a whole bunch of naughty kids around every block.Most of us went to the same school and during the trip between home and school we used to talk about everything other than studies.

Two months before Deepavali we would discuss about the dresses that parents would get for us and the number of dresses each one would get would be the highlight.Then came the other important one-crackers.

In dad's company,they would distribute lists for crackers two to three months ahead of deepavali and we can place orders.A committee would go directly to Sivakasi[a town in Tamil nadu,South India, which is famous for manufacturing crackers and fireworks] and buy themat nominal rates distribute it a few weeks before Deepavali.

Once dad brings home the forms,I would get busy filling them out and urge dad it give it ASAP.The next day in the bus or when we assemble to play,we would discuss what each one had ordered.Most of us would revise the list a couple of times before feeling contented.

After the list is given,the wait to see the crackers is a real torture.It would feel like each day is crawling.How I would wished they would give the crackers the same day the list is handed over.Then on the D-day I would force dad to take me to the distribution center as early as possible so that I can get all that I had ordered.Dad would try to explain to me that since the orders were placed,we were sure to get everything even if we go late.But I could never wait.

When we came home from with the crackers ,the first thing I would do was to admire all the crackers and fireworks and rush off to inform my friends.I know this sounds so silly but in those days these were the things that got me excited.Simple issues that mattered the most!!

Mom would then get ready to prepare sweets and savories for the festival.I have never known mom to buy these from the store.She would start the preparations a few days before the actual festival.Sometimes she would even help her friends in the preparations.I would eagerly stand around to get a few nibbles.The aroma from the kitchen would be bewitching.

On the eve of Deepavali the lil ones in our block would gather and pile up the crackers and fireworks and start the celebration!What fun!The whole area would be filled with shrieks and laughter and in the haze we would catch a glimpse of our parents whose watchful eyes followed our every move.

Then there used to be a sort of contest-to see who gets up the first[earliest] to start the fireworks on Deepavali day.Each one of us would strive to be the first.On that particular day no coaxing would be required to get me out of bed.

After the customary bath and prayer at the early hours, I would rush out and invariably find a couple of my friends standing outside our garden,waiting for me!Then we would start again with all the fireworks with one of our parents standing around supervising to see what we are up to.

After breakfast, mom would send me out with packets of homemade goodies to distribute to all our friends and neighbors.I would happily oblige as it was one of the chances to flaunt the new dresses.My friends too would bring home the sweets and savories and I would gobble up so many of them.[I had no worry of putting on weight or thoughts that I would get a toothache or any other botheration.But now each and every morsel got to be watched!]

Each and every year I recall these happy moments.This year I am in India in my parents home and lil angel and me spent a lovely Deepavali with my parents.Hubby was not able to join us and we did miss him.Anyways,lil angel and me dressed in traditional Indian clothing,enjoyed the lovely food that mom had prepared and in the evening burst crackers and fireworks.Here is a glimpse of the crackers and fireworks.....

For a couple of hours I was a child and needless to say this is one of the memorable Deepavali I had.

Now comming to the most important part-Lunch!!!!Feast your eyes on this...

The lunch menu-

1.Semiya Payasa
2.Rice and dhal
3.Beans stir-fry
4.Drumstick-ambaday palidha

The sweets and savories that she made were

1.Gulab jamun
2.Thatta murukku

[I will post these recipes soon]

I am sure everyone out there would have had an equally great Deepavali!!!!I will be back tomorrow with another recipe..