Kiwi-cucumber lassi

Blog events can definitely turn me crazy!Not in that sense of 'craziness' but in the positive way of making me want to try different dishes for the events.When I chose kiwi fruit for AFAM, I thought it was not such a good choice because it may not be available everywhere but the fact that I have never tried anything with it before ,made me select this one.So am trying out recipes and sharing it in my space..

Here is a blend of cucumber ,kiwi and yogurt that is very refreshing and a lot different from the regular lassi.

You need:-

Yogurt-1/2 a cup,chilled
Kiwi fruit-1 ,peeled and chopped
Cucumber-1/2.peeped and chopped
Chilled water-1/2 a cup [adjust to your preferred consistency]
Salt to taste

Blend all the ingredients and serve immediately.

This is for the event hosted in my blog - AFAM-Kiwi fruit

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