Onion Roast | Onion Dosa

Call it what you like -Onion dosa or Onion roast,this is one staple south Indian breakfast next to iddli and Masala dosa .

Today I was bored of eating the same old dosa and I thought I will make myself something different.Its a long time since I ate onion roast ,so I immediately prepared this one... No need to say that it was delicious ,crisy and filling.

You need:

Dosa batter
Onion-Chopped as finely as your patience will allow :)

The initial steps are similar to that of Masala dosa /Dosa.

All you have to do is heat a griddle and pour dosa batter and spread it out.Drizzle oil/Ghee around the sides if required.

Cook till it turns light brow.Flip it over and cook for a few minutes.
Spread some chopped onion on the dosa and fold.[If you don't like the sharp taste of raw onion,saute it with a little oil till the onion is soft and then use it.]

Serve hot with sambar/chutney.

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