The day after 'Mangala Gowri Habba' comes Ganesha chathurthi.

Vigneshwara/Ganesha/Ganapathy is one of the popular deities . He is the God of Knowledge and is invoked at the commencement of any function. Since He is worshipped to remove 'vighnam' [obstacles],He is also known by the name Vighneswara. He is also described as the Supreme Leader ( Vinayaka). Ganapathy is said to have had two spouses. Buddhi(intellect) and Siddhi(achievement). He is the master of knowledge and achievement

Like every other year,we got a few Ganesha idols for the festival.

We have a Ganesha idol that we place in pooja every year and it is placed beside the Turmeric Gowri which was made the previous day for the 'Mangala Gowri Habba' .He is worshipped with kumkum[Vermillion],turmeric,Akshathay[sacred yellow rice],and flowers,arugam pull[a kind of grass] and is offered a wide range of dishes as 'neivedhyam' [offering to Diety].Kozhukattai,Sundal,appam,pori,Payasam are few of His favorites.

This year we prepared

Coconut Payasa

Sweet kozhukattai

Savory kozukattai

Gram dhal Sundal

Okay,now comming to the riddle about the connection between Mangala Gowri Habba and Ganesh Chathurthi-any guesses??

When Gowri[Parvathi] came to Her mom's place to do the pooja,Lord Shiva could not bear to be without Her and so He sent His little son-Ganesha to inform His mom to come home at the earliest.Thus Ganesha came to His Grandparents house and was fed with all the yummy food and He returned home with his mom.

So now you the the connection....