Waking up late this weekend,I was wondering what mom would prepare that morning.I suddenly realised that I had to send an entry WBB Combi Breakfast .

I hurried to the kitchen to see what I could prepare.Luckily my lil angel was fast asleep and I had time for myself.

I examined the refrigerator and saw dosa batter,a few veggies and apples.Thoughtfully I entered the kitchen and saw a jar of peanut smiling at me.

Then came the spark to prepare an easy and healthy breakfast.I set about chopping veggies and get things ready.I glanced at the clock and it was past 9.30am.Tummy rumbling and with moms help I prepared an easy breakfast of veggie uthappam with peanut chutney and sambar and apple milkshake.

The breakfast prepared and me drooling over it,I still had one task to finish.The most important of them all.If you are guessing that I was at the table relishing the yummy stuff,then you are absolutely wrong.I still didn't photograph the stuff I prepared.

I set the table and ran to pick up my cam and switched it on but to my utter shock it said'change batteries'.I usually have a spare set ready for times like this but today of all days,that too was used.Sighing,I put it on charge and waited with my eyes on the breakfast.

Luckily,it was a quick recharger and the batteries were charged in half an hour and I was set to finish my task.I heard a sweet gurgle and knew my lil angel was up and ready for her 'breakfast'. Putting down the cam, I satisfied her needs and was back to the work I had started nearly 2 hours ago.

Finally.....The snap taken and cam put away I hurriedly gobbled up the now cold breakfast but felt a deep sense of satisfaction that I had a simple breakfast to send in for WBB.

What you see here is

Tomato onion uthappam
Sambar and peanut chutney
Apple milkshake

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