Summer-The very word brings fondest memories to my mind....No school,no homework,mom not scolding you to get up early,outings with friends and family,guests at home...Hmmmm...lovely days...

Another memory is my mom's vatral[Sundried veggies and crispies].Amidst all the hustle and bustle she would never fail to put out the vatrals and store the different kinds in big containers.

My favorites are potato crisps and sundakkai vatral.

My love for sundakkai vatral started years ago.Its bitterness does not deter me in savoring it.The sundakkai vathakuzhambu is my favorite.Just the thought of it makes me drool..

Sundakkai is 'turkey berry' in English.["Solanum torvum" -Botanical name].It is an an erect spiny shrub usually 2-3m in height.Thr flowers are white and mature into green berries contain numerous flat, round, brown seeds .Sundakai is supposed to have medicinal values.

This vartal lastes for ever and is used in many simple preparations.

You need:


Sour curd-1 cup

Salt-1-2 teaspoons

  1. Select good green berries and wash them thoroughly and pat dry.
  2. Crush them lightly so that the berries open up but remain in shape.
  3. Wash again in water a few times so that the seeds are removed.
  4. Soak in sour curd+salt mixture for 2 days.[The berries must be fully immersed in curd].
  5. Stir it well the next day.
  6. Put it out to dry after draining the liquid,till it is nice and crisp.
  7. If you dont like the bitterness,resoak in curd after drying it in sun for 2 days and again put it out to dry.
  8. Store and use as required.

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