Announcing - Celebrate Sweets

Nivedita of Nivedita's Kitchen started a sweet series aptly named-'Celebrate sweets' .This month we are going in to celebrate it @ Seduce Your Tastebuds!And this time we are going to celebrate sweets with 'Bengali Sweets'.Bengal is known for its delectable sweets.Sweets find an important place in the Bengali Thali.The Bengali sweets make use of sweetened cottage cheese / Paneer / chhana.There are several varieties like Roshogolla, Shondesh, Pantua, Ladoo,chomchom,Pitha/Pithe and other desserts prepared from  yogurt/curd.These are just to name a few.

A big thanks to Nive for giving me this opportunity to celebrate with  my favorite Bengali  Sweets...

Here is what you have to do...

  1. Let us churn out Bengali Desserts this month and blog about it.
  2.  Link back to this announcement and to Nivedita's event announcement page  is a must.If you have tried a recipe from another blog, link it to that post as well.
  3. Multiple entries are always welcome.
  4. Archived entries are accepted as long as you link it to the announcements and update the post .
  5. You can share the recipe sent here with other events as well.
  6. Non bloggers are most welcome to participate
  7. The deadline is December 6th 2010.
      8.Once you have blogged about your dish, mail the following details to with the subject - Celebrate sweets

-Your name
-Blog name
-URL of the dish
-A picture of your creation.

Here are some links where you can find some delicous Bengali Desserts...

Eager to see your desserts...