Goji berry tea

The day I got a pack of Goji berries,the first thing I did was to make this Goji berry tea.Actually there is no  recipe at all.But considering the health benefits and the beauty of these berries,I thought I will share it with you..

All you need is a cup of boiling water and a few goji berries.Nothing else.
Drop [around 6-8] goji berries into a cup of very hot water and let it seep for a couple of minutes.Sip .As simple as that.

You can top the cup with more water .There is no need to add a fresh batch of berries every time.Instead of plain water drink this tea.The taste of this tea is really hard to describe.Its very mild so I guess every one will like it.

Start by adding a few berries and then increase slowly.I think maximum 8-10 berries per cup per day is ok.It is said that up to 10 or 15 grams per day is fine but be sure to consult your doctor if you are pregnant/ nursing a little one / have any medical problems / on anti coagulant drugs.

Here is how the goji berry tea looks as soon as you pour hot water into the berries....

A couple of minutes later,the berry swell and it is ready to be sipped...

Bon Appetit...


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