Recipes with Goji Berry[Gou Qi Zi] - Chinese Ingredient # 3

The first time I saw these bright red berries was in the hotpot soup.I wondered what it was and my friend informed me that it was a kind of fruit/spice and that’s it is very good for health. Later I saw that in many other dishes as well. So my interest grew and this is what I learnt.

These berries are now being called ‘Super fruits’.They are known by many other names like Lycium barbarum, gou qi zi, red medlar ,wolfberry,Fructus lycii, Murali (in India), barbary matrimony vine,bocksdorn, Duke of Argyll’s tea tree, etc.They are sold as Himalayan / Tibetian Goji berries in the market.

It is said that the Chinese medicine have been using these berries for the past 6000 years!!!

It is said to

• Promote Longevity[Anti-aging]
• Protect liver
• Strengthen the legs
• Boost the immunity
• Better eyesight as they are rich in Carotinoids.
• Improves fertility and have aphrodisiac properties.
• Improves blood circulation
• Recent studies show that it reduces the blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Goji berries are rich in Anti oxidants,Vitamins and minerals,Amino acids and Omega fats.

The taste of raw Goji berry may not be very appetizing .So it is better to use them along with other vegetables/fruits/in other dishes. Use them to make tea ,add them to your cereal /  baked goods /soups/ shakes and smoothies.Store these berries in an air tight container and leave them in a cool dry place

Goji beriies can be eaten as such in small amounts [around 15g / day]. Note : Goji berry is said to interact with anticoagulants. So check with your Physician before using it.

I picked this up in the mall and it cost me RMB10 for this pack.Here it is available everywhere. Right from the mall to the medical store,all have this in bulk / small packets.

This is how the goji berries look after they are soaked in water for sometime...[Dried Vs Soaked]

Recipes with Goji Berries

Bon Appetit...

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