Milagai Podi for Idli and Dosa

I got a comment here stating that that these days people are so fond of ready-made stuff and yet some are interested to learn the basics of cooking.Home-made stuffs are way healthier and we can be sure of the process or what went into the actual preparation / process.One of my friend who visited a factory manufacturing baby food was shocked to find that the ingredients were sun dried on the cement flooring and with the winds blowing,gathered all sorts of dust!!![Though this may not be the case with all products,I am still a little hesitant to use products from cottage industries]How can we be so sure that the 'ready-made-easy-to-use-time-saving' product is actually hygienic!Even if the home made product takes time,we can be confident that we made it in the right way even though it takes a little time.We can always make the masala powders in large batches and use them bit by bit.This surely gives the dish a personal touch and you are rewarded with a complete sense of satisfaction.

Now for today's post,Milagai Podi-a spice mix that is omnipresent in all South Indian kitchens.The pantry is incomplete if this powder is not seen.Such is its fame!Milagai podi is the side dish to go to when you have no time / vegetables / ingredients to make a side dish for tiffins like idli / dosa etc.Even if there is a chutney for the side,my people love to have their dose of this spice mix on their plate.A spoonful of this powder mixed with sesame seed oil with piping hot idle is every diners delight.

Prepare this in a large batch and store a container full for regular use and keep refilling the smaller container as and when it empties.In this way the whole batch stays fresh for longer.The composition varies with each household and what you see here is my mom's recipe.

I use:

Urad dhal,white-1 cup
Channa dhal-1 cup
White sesame seeds-1/4 cup
Red Chillies -10 numbers[Adjust to taste]
Asafoetida powder-1/4 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Oil-2 teaspoons

  1. Heat a pan and roast sesame seeds on low flame till they crackle and turn light brown in color.The kitchen is sure to be filled with a lovely aroma!!Keep it aside.
  2. In the same pan heat oil and fry all the ingredients except salt till golden brown.Spread on a plate to cook.
  3. Power, coarsely or finely-that's totally your choice.
  4. Spread again on a plate for a few minutes [in case it gets heated during the powdering process] and store in an airtight container.

To serve place a couple of teaspoons of the spice mix on the serving plate.Make a well in the centre.Pour sesame oil into the well.Mix and indulge with a tiffin of your choice.Sesame oil is the most preferred oil but you can use any cooking oil.I have seen some people use cocnut oil too.So its purely a matter of personal preference.

You do know where this is going to,don't you!Of course, its being shipped off to Jaya's back to basic event.Do you have any basic recipes / kitchen secrets to share?Then off they go to Jaya....

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