Microwave Easy Cooking -Event Announcement

For a couple of days the microwave that was so faithful to me failed.Some technical problem , a correction later,restored it to its original glory and I was delighted.In those couple of days I felt like something missing in my kitchen.I usually steam vegetable,cook noodles/pasta in the microwave and all that had to be taken care of by the stove top.The cooking time was more and it looked like I spent more time that ever in the kitchen.Microwave has indeed become an indispensable gadget in the kitchen!!

I am not alone,with more and more people trying to cook Desi stuffs in the microwave,Srivalli of Cooking For All Seasons came up with a wonderful event called Microwave Easy Cooking or fondly known as MEC.This month Seduce Your Tastebuds has the honor of hosting this wonderful event.

The theme I have chosen is 'FAVORITES'.Favorites can be any dish-sweet,savory,cakes,rice dish,just about any dish that you love to cook in the microwave.Favorites also mean it can be your favorite or the favorite dish of someone in ur family or your friends.

So dear friends,are you ready to cook a favorite dish in the microwave....

You already know the rule but let me outline it yet again for the benefit of our budding bloggers...

  1. Cook any Vegan / Vegetarian 'FAVORITE' dish in the microwave and blog about it this month.Please note that the cooking process has to be done fully in the microwave.You can of-course use blenders / food processors but NO cooking on the stove top.
  2. Make a link back to this announcement and Srivalli MEC announcement page. Use the logo if possible.
  3. Multiple entries are allowed.
  4. Archived entries are allowed as long as you link it with both the announcements and update the post .
  5. You can share the recipe sent here with other events as well.
  6. Non bloggers are most welcome to participate
  7. The deadline is July 31st 2010.
  8. Once you have blogged about your favorite dish mail the following details to seduceurtastebuds@gmail.com with the subject - MEC-Favorite

Eager to know what you gals are gona send in this month...

Happy cooking....