Ghee - Clarified Butter

Years ago when I was in school,mom had to visit my aunt and left me in-charge of the kitchen.After she reached her sisters home she reminded me that there was butter on the shelf and it needed to be melted.[We lived in a hill station and there was no need for refrigerators].I has seen her make ghee so I ventured alone to transfer the pat of butter into the golden yellowy liquid that would soon fill the house with a delicious aroma.

But things turned out the other way.The liquid turned out almost black and the house smelt like it was on fire.Dad rushed to see what was burning and had to suppress his smile when he saw me standing in front of the stove,ladle in hand,tear stricken face and a pan of black smelly liquid.

Soon we cleaned the pan and I took a silent vow to learn this 'art' as soon as mom was back.So the very next time mom got another pack of butter I was there by her side to see how the it goes on.It is a delicate process where care has to be taken in the final stages,the importance place which I did not know,so that it turns out nice and yummy.

I have always been making ghee at home and somehow the store brought ghee tastes a lot different from the one we make at home.Here is a step by step procedure to make ghee at home..

This basic recipe is off to join Jaya's Back to basics event.

Here are some interesting facts about what Ayurveda has to say about Ghee...

Happy Cooking....

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