Homemade Paneer

I used to buy paneer from the stores until I realized how simple and tasty it is to prepare it at home.Not to mention we can vouch for its freshness.The texture is also very different from the store brought paneer.Once u try this version I am sure you will never go in for the ones in the store.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to prepare it at home.

1.Heat the required quantity of milk in a vessel.Bring it to boil ans switch off the flame.[Here I used 1 litre milk]

2.Squeeze out the juice of lemon into the vessel.[I used half a lemon].Vinegar can also be used.If it does not curdle immediately/fully add some more lemon juice/vinegar.

3.The milk will curdle immediately.Let it stand for sometime [around 10-15 minutes].

Take a closer look....

4.Strain the contents of the vessel.

5.Remove the paneer onto a vessel and wash with water a couple of times to remove sourness.

6.Drain and transfer the paneer onto a muslin cloth/cheese cloth.

7.Squeeze out the water and hang the cloth till the whey completely drains out.[It took an hour!]

Paneer is now ready to be used in a dish of your choice.

 I got just this much paneer from 1 litre milk.

Here is the whey water.

Whey is very nutritious .So here is what we can do with it...

Happy cooking...

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