AWED is back to Seduce Your Tastebuds!!!

AWED is an event very dear to me for many reasons.The first one being,it was the very first event that I participated in.The very first time I corresponded with Divya[DK],the founder of AWED,I found her to be very warm and lively and she even encouraged me to send in articles related to that month's theme-Chinese.

I got hooked on to her blog from then and when she announced that she is looking for hosts for her event I volunteered and exactly a year ago Seduce Your Tastebuds hosted the first guest edition of the famous AWED.I choose Korean Cuisine and was mighty glad with my choice, for the event got its share of Vegetarian and Vegan Korean dishes for us to try and relish.

This year too I was eager to host another theme and my joy knew no bounds when she agreed.Thanks Divya for letting me host this event yet again..

This time Seduce Your Tastebuds invites you to explore the Cuisine of Africa!

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Africa,like India,is a land of diversity.This diversity is reflected in many aspects of its cuisine too.The African cuisine is also influenced by other countries and I found that it is similar in many ways to the Indian cuisine in the use of spices!!That is not all,the Turks, Malays, Brits, European, Chinese migrants have blended their cuisine with the cuisine of Africa.Isn't that tempting to go ahead and prepare African dishes!Let's travel through the countries of Africa and churn out delicacies.

So here is what we are going to do this month...

1. Prepare any Vegan / Vegetarian dish from the African continent and post it in your blog starting from today till April 30th 2010.Link it to this post and to Divya's AWED Menu page.You can also share some interesting stuff about African cuisine.

2.Send me a mail to with the following details

a.Your name
b.Name of the dish
c.URL of the dish
d.Which part[country] of Africa it comes from
e.Picture of your creation

3.Do you have a dish from Africa posted in your blog..That's great!!!Just update the post with link.[No need to re post it].

4.No blog?No problem.Mail me the above details with the recipe and the pic.

5.Multiple entries are always welcome.

6.Last but not the least,leave a message in the comment section after you mail me your entry.

So what are you waiting for!Don your chef's hat and prepare a delicacy from the African cuisine and send them straight to Seduce Your Tastebuds.....

Here are some links for you to get started with the African cuisine...

African Guide
Knowlegde Hound
Global Gourmet
World Recipes
The Gutsy Gourmet

P.S:I am going on a vacation for a couple of days so please bear with me for the delay in replying your mails.

Looking forward to your support and delicious entries....