Hearty Pasta and Vegetable Soup

I am now on a kind of detox diet.Not to lose weight or anything but to get rid of those fatty deposits in those places that are being masked by clever dressing!Detox is a little confusing and I read that some research says that a healthy body can eliminate toxins on its own and there is no need to do a detox yet many others stress the its need.

Whatever be the research and their conclusion, the aim in doing this dieting is to eat the right food at the right time. I wanted to do something like this many times before but was either lazy or bored to start /sometimes started and left it half way. This time though, Srivalli was a so sweet to invite friends to start on a diet so that we could motivate each other. She has been recording her diet daily and posting it and I have planned to do a weekly roundup with the menu for each day.

Its just the beginning and I want to continue this for as long as possible.No starvation or magic pills just healthy food and a bit of exercise and lets wait to see the results….

For this diet stuff,I thought soups would be great for lunch instead of rice.I have been avoiding rice for lunch for the more than 2 weeks and yesterday I wanted to make soup for lunch.

I found 2 packs of whole wheat pasta [Fusilli and farfelle] and felt it would be a great idea to add them to the soup. The fridge had some spinach, peas, tomato, carrot, bean sprouts and they too went in. Some seasonings and a fabulous soup was ready.

You can alter the ingredients, omit or add vegetables and seasoning and yet this is so very tasty and healthy. Did I tell u that this is a fat free soup?

Here is what I did….

Microwave the

pasta,[a little of each,]

for 10 minutes or till just done.

Drain,rinse in cold water and keep aside

In a large microwave proof dish put in

Grated ginger and garlic
chopped carrot ,tomato,peas,spinach
around 2 cups water
1 teaspoon Soya sauce

And microwave on high for 8 minutes or till carrots are cooked

Put in

bean sprouts

Mix well and microwave on high for 2 minutes

Let it rest for 2 minutes inside the microwave

Add salt and pepper and serve.

Just one bowl of this soup for lunch and I was full. The crunchy bean sprouts and the soft pasta and vegetables complimented each other .It was so good that lunch was just this soup and no bread / bun with it .

This wonderful soup is being shipped off to Srivalli’s MEC event where this months theme is soups @ Sara's blog and to Pasta party @ Jyoti's blog

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