Ellu Sevai

Summer holidays are always fun - I mean when we are kids. No rushing to school, packed lunches, loads of homework!!!! I always used to look forward to the summer holidays. Mom and Dad would take me to my grandparent’s place where I used to stay till the end of the vacation. After spending a couple of days with me, my parents would return home and that’s when the ‘real’ holidays would begin.

Since I can do as I please in my grandparents place, there was not fixed time to wake up. Most of the days I would wake up when grandpa was ready to leave for work and he would smile and ask me to get up so that I can have breakfast. That’s when I would realize the delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen.

Food was the best apart of staying in grandma place coz she will never be bored of cooking varieties of dishes for me. Apart from this you are always pampered by grandparents and you can get all what you want – loads of bikkis, chocolates, comics, toys, what not! My mom used to jokingly complain that her Dad had never been like this with her and my grandpa would laugh and reply that she was his daughter and not grand daughter!!! Grandchildren always have a special place in their heart!!!

Now coming back to the goodies, grandma would never tire and keep preparing one dish or the other to be served. Sometimes she would ask me what I want for evening snacks and sometimes it would be her choice. Just like her I would never get bored of savoring her dishes.

One day after a nap, I woke up to the wonderful fragrance of sesame seeds and immediately recognized that she had prepared my favorite Sevai and had made it with several flavorings.

There was plain sevai, Lemon Sevai, curd sevai, Sevai soaking in melted jaggery and of course the Ellu Sevai [sesame flavoured sweet sevai] that was giving out such a lovely aroma.

I don’t know how I was able to eat all the goodies that she prepared each day but I guess that made my grandma happy. I really miss those wonderful and lazy holidays.

My grandma is over 70 now but when she hears that we are coming there her she is always ready with an array of dishes and grandpa always jokes that grandma can suddenly find energy to cook so many varieties when she knows we are coming to visit her.

Now for the recipe. Ellu sevai can be prepared in a jiffy if you have plain rice sevai at hand..

You need:

1. Rice Sevai
2. Jaggery
3. Roasted Sesame seeds
4. Ghee

And the steps:

1. Spread the rice sevai on a plate.
2. In a mixer powder equal quantities of powdered jaggery and sesame seeds
3. Mix this powder with the rice sevai.
4. Drizzle generous quantity of ghee over the ellu sevai and serve.

You will definitely be taken off the ground by the wonderful aroma from the ghee and sesame powder.. I am drooling right now..

The quantity of jaggery and sesame seeds depends on the amount of rice sevai you are using and also on the personal taste. I like it with equal quantity of jaggery and sesame seeds while my mom prefers a less sweet version. So I leave it to your choice.

This breakfast dish is for my event Think Spice - Think Sesame Seeds!

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