Sattvic Goodies - RCI - Jain Roundup

Are you ready for a sattvic party?

The Soups !

First comes, Spinach and Moong Dhal Soup from Hema Natarajan. She says protein rich moong dhal is her favorite and has used spianch leaves to prepare her all time favorite soup.

The Main-Dishes!

Be it breakfast or dinner, we have a nutritious Besan Chillah from Malini and she adds that this is helpful in reducing body fat!!!

The Vegetable Curries!

We always thought ‘onion-less’ was beyond our imagination but these ladies have proved that you can make tasty dishes without them as well…

Jain Vegetable Makhanwala from Paritha is a delicious curry that once you taste it you will never realize onions were missing!!

Black Eyed Bean Curry from Muskaan Shah is an alternative to meat based dish and the bean provides high quality protein.

Another tempting dish from Muskaan Shah is Jain Sev Tameta Nu Shaak which is rich in antioxidants..

Priya delights us with her Jain Lauki Koftas Curry where she bakes the koftas without frying them and hence can be indulged in even if you are watching your weight!

The Side-Dishes!

A delicious Cabbage Porriyal from Nags

And an almost similar Jain Cabbage Sabji from Priya which is tangier and it can be enjoyed with rice or chapathi/paratha..

Niveditha’s Sai Bhaji is sure to please the lil ones who hate the sight of greens and she says it is a healthy food for the entire family.

Now for the part we have all been waiting for… Yes, The Snacks and Desserts!

If you like to have your favorite Pav Bhaji the Jain way, then you must try Jain Pav Bhaji from Muskaan Shah…

Ragi Diamond Cuts from EC is an easy tea time snack

And Pappad Choori from Priya is a simple and spicy snack and I must say they are healthy too as she microwaved the pappads…

Meera recently found out that the Atte Ke Halwa that her grandma prepared during the monsoons was from the Jain Cuisine. They call it "Gavhachya Peethacha Sheera" or "Gonvva Peetta shiro". Though time consuming to prepare, it is delicious and is eaten during the holy paryushan time.

So there, dear friends, is our array of Sattvic foods. And, if you are wondering what I did, I must tell you that I just sat back and enjoyed these goodies! wink!