Let's Turn Sattvic This Month....

I am happy to host this month's edition of RCI and I have chosen Jain Cuisine..... RCI -Regional Cuisine of India- is an event started by Lakshmi of Veggie cuisine,which features recipes from one particular Indian region every month...

Now,If you have read my post-Food and Mood ,you would have noted that our mood is determined by what we eat.Yes,Ayurveda classifies the food we eat into 3 categories-Satvic,Rajasic and Tamasic, and these categories decide how our mood changes.

A 'brief' word on these these categories -

Sattvic foods :

"Sattvic" foods is that which is pure, clean and wholesome. A sattvic diet is one that gives life, strength, energy, courage and self-determination and generates equanimity,poise and holy tendencies.It also gives us the subtle nourishment necessary for vitality and consciousness. These are clean burning foods that leave little or no residue on the nervous system, Sattvic foods include cow’s milk , butter , ghee, cream, cheese, curd prepared from cow’s milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and beans, wholesome unrefined grains, almonds, groundnuts, coconut, tender coconut water etc. Saatvik cooking consists of lightly cooked vegetables with minimum spices, fruits, nuts, honey, milk and milk products

Rajasic foods:

"Rajasic" foods are the irritants and stimulating foods and are very hot, bitter, sour, dry, or salty. These foods generate passion and boisterous tendencies. They destroy the mind-body equilibrium, feeding the body at the expense of the mind. Too much rajasic food will over stimulate the body and excite the passions, making the mind restless and uncontrollable. Historically, rajasic foods were always of good quality and freshness, hence the origin of the word "raja" - kingly, or fit for a king..Read more about rajasic food here...

Tamasic foods :

"Tamasic" foods lead one to a state of inertness, dullness, and sloth. These are known as the "dead" foods which contain no vitality or life. They generate exciting and impure thoughts. These foods are heavy and cause irritability and restlessness .Alertness and concentration is very difficult soon after eating tamasic foods. A tamasic diet benefits neither the mind nor the body. The body's resistance to disease is destroyed and the mind filled with dark emotions, such as anger and greed. Read more on Tamasic food here...

Why am I talking about Ayurveda in an RCI announcement page...Well, there is a connection.Jain food is also very similar to saatvik cooking .A Jain diet is a strict vegetarian diet. Jains believe in giving minimum amount of harm to plants and animals. A Jain diet is based on the fact that a simple natural diet will help keep their mind pure and peaceful.

Even the food habits of the Jains is such that they don't want to harm life even during meal time.ie the Jains are not supposed to eat after sunset because it is believed that it would cause the death of minute microorganisms that emerge in the dark.

The forbidden Foods :

The forbidden foods for Jains are eggs, fish, honey, figs and meat.

Many strict Jains do not eat foods like onions, potatoes, garlic throughout their lives, while others abstain from these foods during Chaturmash.

The onions and garlic increase sexual desires, while root vegetables like potatoes may have millions of bacterias and also smaller insects are killed during their harvest.

All hot drinks like wine, beer, etc.

So dear friends,before you rush to ur kitchen to prepare a sattvic meal,a few guideline for the events.....

1.Prepare a Dish that is a Vegetarian.[ Non-Vegetarian not allowed,Sorry folks..]

2) Post as many Recipes as you like on your blog this May 2009. Multiple entries are welcome..

3) Link back to this announcement and to Lakshmi’s blog is a must.

4)Send me a mail with the following details to seduceurtastebuds@gmail.com

a)Your name
b)Blog name
c)Name of the recipe
d)URL to the post
e]A photo of ur dish

If you don't have a blog, but you want to be part of this wonderful event, you can send me your recipe along with the other details...

Deadline for all the entries will be the 6'th of June-2009.

A few links that will get you started....

Jain cuisine 1

Jain cuisine 2

Jain cuisine 3

Looking forward to your tasty recipes.....