Chapathi Wrap-An Indianized Frankie

I had some veggie chapthi dough at hand but was in no mood to eat chapathi.I had some cooked chickpeas and a little leftover veggie curry.I remembered seeing someone order a Frankie at one of the 'take-away' joints and thought I will prepare the Indianized version with whatever I had in the kitchen.

I prepared the veggie chapthi and kept them aside.

Heated a pan with oil and put in chopped onion and garlic and sauteed till brown.Next in went the tomatoes that were cooked till soft.The cooked chickpeas followed and added chilli powder ,garam masala and the leftover cauliflower-peas stir fry.Added a little salt and mixed everything.

To assemble,just put a few tablespoons of the prepared mixture on the chapthi and top it with a little grated cheese .Fold and insert a tooth prick if u want to hold the folds and serve.

I found it to be delicious and an welcome change from the routine chapathi.Since then I have tried many variations,many times with fresh ingredients and a few times with leftovers.But always the results were tasty!!!!Try it out to experience it.I am sure kids won't mind eating the veggies this way as they will be carried away by the taste and the fact that it does not look like a healthy meal to them :)

Here is pic for you.....

Liked it???

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