Let's Travel To......... AWED Event Announcement

This month AWED is starting its culinary journey from my blog.If you are wondering what AWED is ,it is to be inspired by the sheer beauty of what you see and an acronym for "A Worldly Epicurean’s Delight".

Before I let you know where we are going to travel to this month,I would like to say something about the wonderful person who started this awesome event.Dhivya Karthik or DK as she is fondly called,started this event as a culinary journey to the lands that have been explored and traveled .

Now coming to this months theme ..Ah ah,not so fast!!!You will have to guess but will give you a few clues though.

- A land which was once referred to as as "Rivers and Mountains Embroidered on Silk",
- A country which has the world's oldest surviving astronomical observatories.
- A cuisine famed for Kimchi , ramyeon

The last one gave away the theme, right!!! Yes,This month we are going to be AWED by the flavorsome KOREAN CUISINE.

Just a few points worth mentioning about the cuisine-

Spiciness is the distinguishing feature of the Korean food.The cuisine is enhanced by the use seasonings like red pepper,green onion,soy bean paste,ginger,garlic,sesame,mustard.

The koreans like meat dishes but vegetable dishes are equally popular.
[So you can modify the meat dishes and send them across].They usually boil or blanch, broil, stir-fry, steam, or pan-fry the food with vegetable oil.

Though the times are changing,Korean food is considered to be very healthy and well-balanced.

Apart from the cooking style ,it is interesting to note that the Koreans pay particular attention to the arrangement of the food on the plates and the dishes on the table. Foods are supposed to be placed neatly in concentric circles or parallel linear columns and never in a disorderly fashion. The colors of the foods also alternate in a regular manner.

Here is the logo created by dear DK...

All this said and done, just a few guideline before you start off.....

1) Make any dish – be it Appetizer, Main Course , Snack or Dessert( do mention that in your blog) - Vegetarian/Vegan and post the same in your blog and link it back to this announcement and also to DK's AWED Menu . Use of the logo is highly appreciated.

2) Multiple entries are more welcome than ever, since more the recipes, more the choices available to all of us.

3) Take a snap showcasing your creation and send it across with your “Name”, “Recipe”, “Recipe URL” and “Photo” to : seduceurtastebuds@gmail.com

4) Not having a blog is no excuse to let you get away with your tasty creations. So Non-Bloggers please do send me the same details as above to my mail.

5) Last date for the entries - April 4th 2009.

If you are wondering where to start from,here are a few inspirations...

Korean Delights 1

Korean delights 2

Korean Delights 3

I am honored to be the first hostess of this wonderful event and keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to carry-on the baton that is admired and renowned. So calling all bloggers [and non bloggers] to make this event a grand success.. I look forward to seeing a lot of delicious Korean food and now I am off to start a Korean creation in my kitchen.......