Tasty Bites For Toddlers

I prefer a lil change in certain things...Nothing is permanent in this world but change-Right???Small changes brighten up our lives and we can carry on with an extra dose of happiness and enthusiasm.

I love changes in food too.I can't eat the same type of dish everyday.Exception-my fav curd rice,I just change the garnish/seasoning :).So when I was feeding my lil angel[who turned 1 year this month] ,I was wondering if she too liked varieties in her diet.I try to avoid monotony in her meals not only by changing the dishes but even the bowls and spoon I use to feed her with.But sometimes I myself feel bored to cook the same thing for her more than thrice a week.Sometimes I get stuck up with ideas.But she too needs a change,doesn't she.I asked my lil angel what she thought and as though she understood, gave a big grin and animatedly blabbered something and I assumed she welcomed the idea.

So ,calling all bloggers,friends and family to help me form a recipe collection for tiny tots.Let us cook up something for toddler-ie between the age group of 6 moths and 3 years and post it in our blogs.The idea is to provide variety as well as nutrition.The dish should be easy to prepare and also be suitable for toddlers.

This is an attempt to create a recipe hub for mothers when they run out of ideas.I am sure my friends,most of whom have kiddos in the above said age groups,will cheer up after seeing the roundup...

A few guidelines for the event:

  1. Since this is a vegetarian blog,only vegetarian dishes please.[No to eggs too...Sorry folks...]
  2. Send in the recipe[s] that you cooked for you along with a photo of the dish.Include your name, post name and URL too .
  3. Share the nutritional importance and also specify the age from with the dish can be given to the lil one.[This will be easy for me to categorize it for the roundup].If you have taken some information from another website please mention the link in your post.If you are too busy to cook something but have tips on feeding a fussy toddler ,you are most welcome to share it with us
  4. You don't have a blog?NO problem....You can mail me your entries with the photos.
  5. There is no limit to the number of entries that you send in.
  6. Please make a link back to this announcement.
  7. If you are sending in older entries,re-post it for the event but it will be great if u can prepare a new dish for this event.
The deadline is March 31st, 2009..So what are you waiting for buddies ...Pick up your chef's hat ,run to the kitchen ,cook n click your creations and send them to me - seduceurtastebuds@gmail.com
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