I love black.My wardrobe is full of black saries,salwars and tops.All the embroidery work/zaris, paintings show out so well on black and makes the dress[and me ;)] attractive.Many of my family elders believe that black should not be worn on auspicious days hence I end up getting one black dress of my choice and another 'colourful' dress of their choice!!!

When I wanted to send in a recipe for Color in food event ,

I was curious to know about the color I adore! So,here is what I learnt about the gorgeous color - Black.....

Black is the absence of color and is believed to be a color of silence and concealing.Black is also one of the boldest, most powerful colors.

Do you wana look slim and sleek?[Well,we all do,don't we!]Then its time to go in for some black dresses cos black is visually slimming.Black also makes other colors appear brighter.

Though black is a symbol of mourning in western culture,it is sometimes worn by youngsters to potray an air of mystery around them.

Language of Black can be seen in phrases like Black tie - formal attire,Black belt -martial arts expert,men in black - government agents ,Black box - equipment or apparatus ,pitch black - dark as night etc.

Black has no gender-specific qualities at all and is used equally by both males and females, and often for formal occasions—the timeless “little black dress” for women, and the traditional black tuxedo for men.

Well,is there black in food?Of course.....Here is 'ELL URUNDAI' made from black sesame seeds.This is the easiest sweet dish I have ever come across and here is the recipe for an iron rich sweet.

You need:
Black sesame seeds - 1 cup
Jaggery - 1/2 cup, powdered
Cardamom powder - a pinch [Optional]

1.Check for impurities in the sesame seeds and powder finely.It will be a little lumpy but nothing to worry.
2.Mix sesame seed powder,jaggery and cardamom powder so that there are no lumps.
3.Shape into balls of desired shape.[The greasiness from the sesame seed is sufficient, hence no need to add ghee/oil]

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