Vegan Quinoa Banana Shake

Long before Quinoa was gaining popularity in my part of the world, the blogosphere were filled with recipes with Quinoa and I remember admiring the shakes and smoothies. I used to wonder how it would taste like.

After a while,when I saw a couple of packs at the store nearby,I almost fainted looking at the cost. And when Usha asked me if I wanted anything from the US when she came to India last winter, I shamelessly asked her for a pack of quinoa.

Finally I got to make this delicious shake and was able to find out how it tasted!

I used:

Cooked Quinoa- 1/4 cup
Banana-1,small, roughly chopped
Coconut Blossom sugar- 1 teaspoon
Coconut milk- 150ml [ add more if needed]

Garnish of your choice - I used corn flakes, tutti frutti,roasted,chopped almonds, raisins.

Take all the ingredients [except the garnish of course!] and blend till smooth. Serve immediately garnishes with your favorite crunchy toppings.

Makes a filling and healthy drink!!!

Bon Appetit...

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