Crunchy Masala Poha | Easy Poha Recipe

After making 5 recipes with Avla/ pressed rice this week, the final dish is the one I made for dinner last night.Just like the other recipes posted this week, it is a very simple one . I made this when there was a little dosa batter left and we needed one more dish to complete the dinner menu.

I added a crunchy factor to the poha and flavored it with sambar powder. I must say I was impressed with the result. The dish tasted so good but the pics here don't do justice as I clicked them at night without proper lighting. Since I am sure I will be making this once again, I will update the post with better pics.

Thin rice flakes/ aval - 1 cup
Onion-1 , finely chopped
Tomato-1, finely chopped
Kalonji / nigella seeds- 1/4 teaspoon
Sambar powder- 1 teaspoon
Fried peanuts, fried peas, Mixture as needed
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves to garnish
Oil-1 teaspoon

Rinse the poha with water and drain.Add a splash of water and mix well.Cover and keep aside. The thin variety of poha will soften quickly. You should be able to mash the poha between your fingers. Else, add another splash of water and mix well.Keep aside once the poha is soft.

Heat oil in a pan and add Kalonji.After a few seconds, add the onion and saute till translucent. Add the tomato and cook till mushy.

Add the turmeric powder,sambar powder and a little water if the mixture is too dry.

Put in the softened poha,salt. Mix well and cook on low flame for a few minutes for the flavors to blend. Stir gently once or twice in between.

Remove from heat and transfer a portion into a serving dish.Top it up with fried pea, fried peanuts, mixture etc. Serve immediately. To add more crunchiness, I served it with some fried rice crisps.

Bon Appetit...

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