Welcome To The Cooking Carnival..

After being a bit silent on the blog front for the past couple of months, I have taken a daring step to do the month long Mega Marathon in spite of having very few dishes ready!!

If you are new to my space, here is what we have been doing all this while....

Blogging Marathon is a monthly event spearheaded by Srivalli of Spice your Life blog.Each month we take up themes and post 3 recipes per week. And in April and September we run a month long Marathon,posting 26 recipes with the Sundays off.

Each of these mega marathons come with a very interesting and challenging theme and it is something that we always look forward to.

The planning and execution of the themes starts months ahead and by the time we wrap up the Mega marathon posts, we feel satisfied, proud and attain an extreme sense of achievement laced with a little exhaustion!

For these mega marathons we push our limits and strive to prepare something that we normally hesitate to make. We usually refrain from making the mundane dishes for the mega marathon and the themes get tougher and interesting as the years go by. But this year, Srivalli chose a simple yet exciting theme - Cooking Carnival.

 Before I go on, here is a recap of what we did so far in the mega marathons....

April 2013 - Weekly themes...
September 2013 - A-Z Marathon - Blogged dishes starting with A all the way through Z
April 2014- Indian food Odyssey- Showcased the cuisines of  Indian states
September  2014 -Around the world in 30 days - We traveled across the globe to create some culinary magic
April 2015 - Fire Up Your Oven - Month long baking marathon
September 2015 - Buffet on the table  where we took one theme for each week
April 2016 - A- Z themed Journey through the cuisines, where I cooked 26 dishes from the Madhwa /Karnataka cuisine.

This month, in the Cooking Carnival we had these options..

Option 1

1 Ingredient / 1 Category for all 26 days

Option 2

5 ingredient / 5 categories through the month.

Pick 5 ingredients for 5 weeks, Or 5 categories for 5 weeks[Category can be Food category like Sandwiches, Rice, Starter, Dessert,or cooking methods like MW method, Stove top, Oven, Rice cooker etc]

Initially, I wanted to do 1 ingredient per week .Then all of a sudden I jumped to 1 category for 26 days. Then when half of the dishes were ready, I jumped back to 1 ingredient per week!!

So, we kick off the event tomorrow and I am inviting you all to join us, a group of around 25 bloggers, in this Cooking Carnival.

I am not ready with all the dishes yet I am so eager to start the writing the first post for tomorrow....