Story Time with #colgatemagicalstories

Last summer, when it was too hot to venture outside and I was sick and tired of the kids watching TV or playing games on the laptop, we came up with a plan to tell stories, be it what was read from the text book - in Lil Dude's case and creative ones - in Lil Angel's case.

So with the vast collection of Barbie dolls and cars and various trucks and automobiles, the story telling sessions would go on.The dull afternoons turned out to be something very interesting. In between there used to be breaks for snacking and running around.

Sometimes it was about fairies, pirates , mermaids, space travel. Other times it was about trucks, cars and monster vehicles. All these seem to be so imaginative and I could literally visualize their tales!! Of course,this would be followed by the inevitable 'My-story-is-the-best' fight and both would turn towards me to judge their story as the best!!Ahhh.. the joys of motherhood!!!!

Then when the summer break ended and the school began , the toys were slowly forgotten and the story telling sessions dwindled.

Then , a couple of days back, came the package from Colgate containing the Magical Sea World.

Here is what was in it...

Each pack comes with one of the 4 stories....
  1. Treasure Hunt
  2. Coral Reef
  3. Sea Magic
  4. Pirate Ship

The kids were so excited when they saw the package. Apart from getting the kids to be creative with the stories, each picture comes with a fact. Like pirates sail around the seas looking for treasures, lion fish are dangerous. Their needle like spine and teeth can poison you, etc.

The pack comes with instructions on how to cut and fix the pictures.

Lil Dude eagerly tried to cut the pictures. But his little fingers got tired soon and he passed on the baton to his sister who completed the job.

This is how the pictures from each pack came out....

One evening,the story telling session started and Lil Dude watched with interest as his sister started weaving magical stories with the pictures from the pack. She combined all the pictures to  narrate one big and interesting story.

Here goes Lil Angel's story....

Blackbeard, the good pirate and Sadie, the pirate princess go out into the sea looking for a treasure in a ship wreak. They have a treasure map and the Pep, the parrot joins them on the treasure hunt.

Blackbread jumps into the sea looking for the lost treasure and soon is surrounded by the Sting Ray, Lion fish,Puffer fish and shark.

The fearless pirate swims on as he knows that there is a sweet mermaid - Zoe at the bottom of the sea, living in a beautiful sand castle.She is always surrounded by her friends who also live with her and keep her company. They listen to her sing and they all play and swim together

Blackbeard reaches the castle and asks Zoe about the lost treasure. She says it is guarded by a very dangerous and poisonous Octopus called Octy.Blackbeard is upset but Zoe cheers him up by telling him that Octy is her friend and her best friends -CeeCee , the Sea horse and Toots,the turtle will lead him to the treasure.

He reaches the shipwreck and recovers the treasure. He is so happy that he dances and sings and has a merry time with Sadie, Zoe and her friends,all day long...

Sadie and Zoe become friends for life and all of them live happily ever after...

That evening proved to be so much fun and better than spending time in front of the TV . Now Lil Dude too know a few facts about sea animals!

So here are all the pieces ,kept safe, so that another tale can be woven....

Lil dude and mommy enjoyed Lil Angel's magical tale. Hope you liked it too...