Nungu Milkshake | Ice Apple Milkshake

Getting kids to eat / drink cooling stuffs in summer is really a big hurdle. Lil dude often rejects any new food as soon as he feels it is different from his regular favorite. I have been trying ways to feed him stuffs that he does not prefer by disguising them in one way or the other.

Nungu is one cooling fruit which he never even touches.He says it does not look cute!! What a reason not to eat it! So saying to myself that this stage too shall pass, I made quite a few dishes with Nungu masking it with something he loves and the Lil guy drank / ate it up but I think I saw a small suspicion in his eyes on all those days. But I acted very cool like nothing was wrong and silently prayed that he must eat/ drink my disguised experiments.

I must say that I was successful to a certain extent and this drink is one of them.

Nungu is known by the names - Asian Palmyra Palm,Toddy palm, Sugar Palm, Ice Apple and Cambodian Palm. Borassus flabellifer is its Botanical name.

The fruits are found in clusters and are black in color. When the top portion is cut off, 3 soft translucent, jelly like fruits are reviled. This is scooped out and the hard outer portion is removed the jelly like fruit is consumed.

If the outer part[brown color] is not mature, it can be consumed without removing it. Here is a close up pic....

If you like Nungu you can also try Rose milk Nungu and Kesar Badam Nungu , a truly delicious and cooling drinks..

Now onto the method...

I used

Nungu / Ice fruit- 3 numbers
Chilled milk- 2 cups
Sugar to taste
Rose milk essence as needed

Blend together all the ingredients together and serve immediately.

This drink tastes more like rosemilk. If you want to kinda 'feel' the nungu, add more fruits.

This post is for Blogging Marathon #65, Week 1 ,Day 3 and also for  Srivalli's kid's delight event that I am hosting this month themed - Summer Coolers.

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Bon Appetit....

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