Kids Lunch Box Series #5 | Bread - Punjabi Chole Masala, Juice

One of the things that I enjoyed during a brief hostel stay during my internship was the breakfast on Sundays. While most of my friends skipped breakfast to indulge on heavy Sunday lunch , I never missed this breakfast. The reason - Bread served with Channa masala.I love bread and love channa masala too.So when both come together how can I skip that meal!!

When I set about planning meals for the kids lunch box, they agreed to this one as they too have grown fond of both the items on this menu.


 In the Lunch box

Homemade wholewheat bread
Punjabi style chole masala.

For the chole masala - Soak and cook the channa the previous day and store in the fridge.Also the masala paste can be made ahead and stored in the fridge the day before so that you can proceed to the cooking in the morning  without delay.