Kids Lunch Box Series #3 | Methi Vegetable and Cheese Paratha, Channa masala, Fruit

My Lil fellow loves Roti/ Chapathi and the similar stuffs. Give him Roti for all his three meals and he is the happiest!! So when it comes to packing lunch boxes, majority of the times it turns out to be a variety of Chapathi/ Paratha.

A while back, I made this for the kids lunch box.This is a nutritious paratha and though the stuffing sound like a lot, it is really easy to prepare and pack . I paired it with a rich and creamy Channa masala. To make the paratha look cute, I have used a flower shaped cookie cutter.


In the lunch box

Methi Vegetable and Cheese Paratha
Creamy Channa Masala

Pre-prep - things that can be made ahead[the night before] :
I don't pack lunch in plastic containers. This one is just for the clicks. The lunches get packed in stainless steel tiffin boxes.