'Ready To Cook' Meal Kits Delivery In Chennai

With the rise of popularity in the shows like Masterchef series, cookery shows featuring famous chefs, more and more people are finding themselves drawn towards the kitchen. Men and kids to have gotten the urge to enter what was once seen as a women's domain!

This being the case, there is also the time factor that comes into the scene. With the couple working and the kids busy with school and college, home cooked meals sometimes looks like a luxury that can be afforded only during weekends!

Eating different or new dishes during the week may seem to happen if you visit a restaurant. But imagine waiting in line for a table or being worried what really went into the dish or pay huge bills for your favorite dishes,then a restaurant visit seems unlikely, right!

So,Awesome Chef is now here to change this scenario!!

Awesome Cuisine Pvt. Ltd has launched their new brand called Awesome Chef  in February 2016. What is so exciting about this you may ask!

Well, Awesome Chef is serving delicious, fresh and healthy 'Ready to cook' meal kits!This is the first of its kind. For now their service is just in Chennai .

The meal kits comes in a great packing with each and every ingredient being per-proportioned. It also comes with a recipe guide. All you need to do is open the pack, read the instructions and get cooking. There are no more wastage of ingredients,  no hunting for specific ingredients, no need for cutting vegetables. It is that simple and easy . You can enjoy a home cooked meal with your family without
having to stress out on meal planning, shopping, prep work!Each pack serves 2-3 people.

What's more- they keep adding delightful new dishes to their menu each week!The dishes are all vegetarian.

Take a look at their menu and surely you will want to order everything that is on it.They have everything from salads, starters to side,pizzas, pasta, burgers and even festive meal kit!!!Isn't that exciting!
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