Good Mornings Changes To Gold Mornings!! | #Colgate360GoldMornings

There was a time when I could do anything I wanted.Well, almost anything. In college when life was all fun and loads of stuffs to read and learn,I felt life was beautiful. It was the time when you feel you have no worldly responsibility other than to have fun and study. Yes, for me having fun and studies did not interfere with each other in any way. Life was beautiful.

Then came the wedding and the kids and now I feel my world is even more beautiful!Of course there is the burden and responsibility of being an adult and looking after the needs of the others at home. Problems to be solves, things to be done and so much more!!Yet, all this only make life more interesting and my world just gets happier!

There are many a days when I hit the snooze button on the alarm more than a dozen times. I even have set the alarm at two different timings! Yet I snooze them both. The work through the previous day surely tires me.

But once the snooze button is hit, my mind awakens and takes me through the things that I need to get done for day. But even before that my mind registers the fact that another awesome day has just dawned and it feels wonderful to be alive!

I open my eyes and see my kids and hubby sleeping so peacefully.Sadly and surprisingly, no matter how many times the alarm rings, it does nothing to wake them up!.So , as I was saying, a look at my charming family sure transforms my Good mornings to Gold mornings!

For me mornings are the time to start a fresh day ,when the mind is almost like a clean slate. The happenings of the day before starts to fade away a little. Any not-so-pleasant events of the precious day goes behind the screen and the excitement over something will be a happy event to be recorded  in the memory.So a new day is the time to push out all the unhappiness and usher in happy memories.

It is also the time to make new things happens, set new goals and take things in a new light.

Then, hitting the off button on the alarm , I set out and wash up the portico and draw a neat little rangoli.The chillness of the morning awakens my senses even more!

It is at that time that I would feel a nice workout will do good. But other duties call out!!

So,just as the milk cooker starts whistling, I am busy brushing my teeth.The day never starts or feels like a good morning unless you feel fresh,right?.

For the past few days, I have been using Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold Brush.Just as the caption says- Not only is it stunning in the way it looks, but also in the way it cleans your teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. No wonder, it's the Gold Standard of Whole Mouth Cleaning.Yes, it is soft and my mouth does feel wonderfully clean and fresh!

Then with 2 cups of coffee ready, I wake up hubby and as we sip in the drink, it the time to catch up with the news or the things that are to be got done for the day.

The children wake up,or rather, woken up and thus the day gets geared into full speed...

This is how my good mornings are gold mornings!!!

Here is the hamper that was sent in for #Colgate360GoldMornings.Aren't the stuffs cool!!!!