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I love visiting my sister-in-law. The food she cooks and the varieties that she makes for each meal is something that I look up in awe! Not only that.She knows my love for blogging and how much I like wandering around looking for props and ingredients that she always asks me to go out and looks after the kids at home so that I can shop in peace. Isn't she sweet!!

Well, on my recent visit to her place, I went into a herbal medicine shop that sells herbs, spices and some rare commodities. I picked up the stuffs that I usually buy there and then I saw this rice.

I thought it was a variety of brown rice but the lady who works there explained to me that it was bamboo rice.I have heard about it but that was the first time I saw it.

Intrigued, I got a small pack but I was clueless on what to make with it. Understanding my predicament she went on to explain its health benefits and also said it was good for tummy disorders. She also mentioned that if this is the first time using this ingredient, it should be taken in small doses and then proceed.

The popular dish, according to her, was to make a simple porridge with the bamboo rice.This can be had for breakfast or just to enjoy the health benefits.

Like me, if you are new to this ingredient, here it what it looks like...

Bamboo rice is quite a rare ingredient but it has been in use instead of paddy rice among the tribal people since a long, long time!

According to Ayurveda, bamboo rice has the quality to remove toxins from the body! It is also said to control diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels.It relieves joint pains and back pains.

This rice takes a while to cook and can be used instead of the regular rice.

Since this ingredient is new to me, I made this simple porridge to start off. And this dish perfectly fits the bill for this months Recipe ReDux theme where we were asked to pick an ingredient that is new to us and create a recipe with it for the new year!!!

Now, back to the porridge that  I made....

I used:

Bamboo rice - 2 teaspoons
Water- 1 cup
Salt to taste

Wash and soak the rice for at least an hour.[ The longer the better!].Drain and add 1 cup of water and place the vessel inside the pressure cooker.

Pressure cook for 10 hisses / 20 minutes / till rice is done.Blitz it for a couple of seconds in a mixer and add salt.

Serve warm with a pickle / vegetable curry...

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