Announcing My Legume Love Affair [MLLA] - # 90

This month I will be hosting one of the most popular event - My  Legume Love Affair fondly referred to as MLLA- an event which celebrates the glory of pulses /legumes...

This event was started by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook  and Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen has been hosting this series for a while now.

I have guest hosted this event many times in the past and each time I am eager to see what every one is going to showcase for this event!

Legumes are an integral part of our diet and it is only fitting to celebrate this fact by showcasing  them in this lovely event.

Well,legumes are consumed by people of all cultures and in all countries and there are a vast number of legumes that are prepared in innumerable ways in each cuisine. You can prepare everything from starter to soup to desserts! Take a look at this list to get an idea of what can be cooked for this event. And it is not just the legumes, you can also cook with the legume derivatives like tofu, mung bean noodles, besan etc.

Here are some rules for the event...
  1. Cook and post a vegetarian dish with legumes as the star ingredient.
  2. Only one entry per blogger.
  3. Link to my announcement page, Lisa's MLLA page and Susan's blog is a must. Kindly include the MLLA logo in your post.[ My blog is  'Right click disabled' and you will not be able to access the it.I will mail you the logo once the entry is in and you can update your post]
  4. Non bloggers can mail me their entry and I will showcase it in the roundup.
  5. The last date for entries in December 31st 2015.
  6. Use the linky tool to submit your entry.And please leave a message in the comment section.
  7. If you have any difficulties in using that form drop me a mail with MLLA # 90 entry in the subject line to with the following details...
-Your name and the name of your blog

- Recipe name and the URL for the post

-A picture of your dish.

Please feel free to write to me if you have any doubts or need clarifications.

Looking forward to your recipes with the mighty legume as the star ingredient...

Happy cooking....


Add your delicious dishes below....