Tibetan Sepen | Fiery Chili Dip / Sauce

A new week starts and with it starts a new theme in the 56th edition of Blogging marathon. And this week's theme is Condiments across countries.

The first in this series is a fiery dip from Tibet. Trust me when I say fiery, it is!!!

I made this as a side for Tibetan Momos.I make spicy chutney for my husband, but this was way beyond that!

I tasted it just a bit and it was like my mouth was on fire!! I diluted it with some tomato sauce and savored it with the momos. I served the same for hubby minus the tomato sauce and he said it tasted different from the regular red chili chutney that I make often.

He said it reminded him of some Chinese dish! I smiled. It was the Sichuan Peppercorns!These are used extensively in hotpot restaurant soups and that is why it tasted familiar.

And the slight difference in taste was also due to the coriander leaves that I don't normally add to the red chili chutney I make at home.

It did taste good as a side for dosa[according to him] and I used up remaining part of the sauce in fried rice.

I used:
Adapted from here

Red chilies- 10
Garlic-5 pods
Ginger-1" piece
Sichuan Peppercorns-6 numbers
A small bunch coriander leaves with stalk
Salt to taste

Soak the red chilies in hot water for half an hour. Drain and discard the soaking water. Take all the ingredients in a blender jar and grind to a smooth paste. Add water if needed.Remove from jar and store in a containers.

Serve with Tingmomo / Momos

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