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This porridge was inspired from a fairy tale. Goldilocks and the three bears is a famous story about a little girl and her encounter with the 3 bears.

This is the third post for Blogging Marathon #54,Week 3 for Srivalli's Kid's delight event with the theme - Cooking from Kids story books / TV shows that I am hosting here this month...

There are so many version of this story and here is what I have heard / read..

This little girl, Goldilocks, used to live with her parents by the edge of the woods and she used to play outside the house every day. One day Goldilocks wanders away and is unable to find her way back home. She walks and walks and finally sees a small cottage and decides to go in and ask for help.

 She knocks and no one answers, so she tries the door knob and realizes that the door is not locked. So she walks right in and finds a table with 3 bowls on it. She tastes the first one and finds it too hot, the next one is too cold and the third one is just right, so she polishes off the bowl and goes to sit on a chair. 

The first one is too low, the next one too high and the third one just right. She sits on it but the chair breaks. After all these ‘adventures’ a tired Goldilocks goes upstairs to lie down for a while. 

The first bed is too had, the second one too soft and the third one just right. Goldilocks falls asleep. The house actually belongs to the 3 bears and when they return home ,find the porridge eaten ,chair disorganized .

They go upstairs and find the little girl in bed. The commotion awakens her and she gets frightened. She runs out of the house and somehow finds her way home.. 

So since there is porridge in this story, I decided to make this simple porridge.This is a very easy and simple porridge yet very filling.

 I had it for breakfast and it tasted so good and I was not hungry till lunch time.

I used: 
Makes porridge for 2

Wheat rawa- 1/8 cup
Buttermilk as need
Salt to taste

Roast the rawa for a few minutes till fragrant.Add around 1 cup water and let it cook. Once done, switch off flame and let it cool.Meanwhile whisk buttermilk with salt. When the rawa is cool, add to buttermilk and serve.

Serve with sides like pickle, grilled pappad, finely chopped onion and green chili. I had this with Karamani Kuzhambu..

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Bon Appetit...

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