Eggless No Churn Vanilla Icecream

Can anyone have mixed feelings all at the same time? Well, I experienced it this morning when I was going to drop off Lil dude He starts Kindergarten today and I was feeling emotional. Happy, nervous,elated,tensed all at the same moment!

Lil Dude seemed to be very happy to be carrying a brand new bag and wearing a brand new uniform and everything with him was brand new[expect me of course :)].

He walked cheerfully into the class and coolly asked me to sit beside him.I controlled my urge to laugh and cry and told him that I would sit in the visitors hall and he did not seem to mind my reaction.

After the classes were over,he walked out with a rather serious and concerned look wondering where I was all this time and why I did not pick him up earlier!!

Though I am experiencing this sort of thing for the second time, the first one being Lil Angel's first day in school, I loved every moment of it!

So my day was a mix of emotions and both the kiddo and me are looking forward to him going to school tomorrow...

With things going on like this in the home front, here I am with this easy ice cream recipe for the Blogging Marathon #53, Week 1 with the theme- Ice cream all the way.

I saw this recipe on a TV show. It has very few ingredients and there is no need to remove the frozen ice cream and beat / churn it often to get the right texture.

From the show I learnt that the use of an ingredient called Liquid glucose gives it a nice creamy texture without having to churn it often!

I made this last summer when we had relatives over and the kids loved it. The only sad part was that I could not clicks pic. I made it again this summer for my kids who were pestering me for some homemade ice cream. And this time too, the sad story continues. I was not able to click decent pics. So these pics will have to do for now...

I used:

Amul fresh cream- 200ml / 1 small tetra pack / 1 cup
Powdered sugar- 1/2 cup
Vanilla essence- 1 teaspoon
Liquid glucose- 1 tablespoon

Take the cream in a large bowl and using an electric beater,beat on medium speed for 5 minutes till it increases a little in volume.Add powdered sugar and beat again for 5 minutes. Add vanilla essence and liquid glucose.

Beat again on low speed till it reaches soft peak stage/ the mixture thickens.Pour into a freezer safe bowl , close and freeze till set.

Scoop out and serve the ice cream topped with nuts/ choco chips / tutti frutti..


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Bon Appetit....


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