Creamy Chocolate Banana Popsicle

All through this summer, I have been making tons of ice creams and Popsicle for the kids. This summer was very bearable mainly because it rained most of the days and we did not feel the heat so much. Even though it rained, Lil Angel wanted ice cream almost everyday. And thanks to her cravings, I got to experiment with a lot of flavors.

Here is one of her favorite Popsicle,something that I have making a lot in a past year.It is chocolatey and has a mild banana flavor.

When I visited my SIL last month, I made a visit to a baking supplies store that is just down the road. And while I was picking up the various things, the enthusiastic shop keeper asked me if I wanted flavored chocolate chips.And he even offered me a few to taste!!Ahh!!Yum!! And yes, I came home with strawberry, pineapple, mango flavored chocolate chips!!

So I have used strawberry flavored chocolate chips in this recipe. You can use the regular ones or skip it its not available.

This Popsicle is for Blogging Marathon #53, Week 1 with the theme- Ice cream all the way.

I used:

Banana-2, medium sized
Sugar- to taste
Cocoa powder- 2 tablespoons
Boost- 2 teaspoons
Milk-2 cups
Strawberry flavored chocolate chips- a few tablespoons

Slice the bananas and put them into a blender ,add sugar and puree.Add cocoa powder, boost,milk and blend once again.

Add chocolate chips and pour into Popsicle molds.Add more chocolate chips if needed ,cover and freeze till set.

Before serving remove from freezer,keep for a few minutes under running water,remove from mold and enjoy..


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Bon Appetit....


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