Out into the Unknown World to #StartANewLife

Life for me rotated around the city in which I grew up and I totally loved the place.School ,college and job got me settled into the same city and I was all set continue there even after the wedding. That is how life was to me till the date of our engagement.

With all the dreams and hopes of a bride-to-be, I was looking forward to weekly visits to my parents place, roaming around the city-hubby in tow and such! But never did we realize life had other plans for us!!!

On the eve of our engagement, we got the news that hubby was to be posted in China!! I was shocked! I never imagined to live in a place like China!! On rare occasion that I allowed myself to dream of going out of this country was to the US or UK but never this one.

The thoughts of living in another country was lost until the wedding day and that's when it hit us that we had to move away from our hometown!But the reality had to be accepted and we accepted it with a little bit of doubt and fear in our minds.

His company had arranged for a two month spoken Mandarin classes and we attended it and when the instructor told us stories about her country we were both scared and sort of looking forward to it.

Later hubby moved in first. He used to call me everyday talking to me about his house hunting adventures, their food habits, the people and all the other stuffs he came across. Then he spoke about the snowfall which really had me excited.

The only things that worried me was finding the right house at the right location and the process of setting up a new home in a totally new place! I could worry about the food later I told myself...

At one point I was actually a little uncertain if I should join hubby in China. But setting aside my fears and trepidations, I packed my bags and set of to the unknown land - a land I knew very little about.

The day I landed there is clearly embedded in my mind.A beautiful city with broad streets , lots of trees and parks, people smiling at us when we passed.. Ah!!So many sweet memories....

But when I saw the apartment I must saw I was a bit disappointed!Our home was on the 4th floor but there were no elevators! So had to climb up all 4 stairs luggage in tow and opened the house that soon would turn into our warm and cozy home.

The moment I entered, I felt that was the place we ought to be in. It was just the right size and with just the right things for the two of us.A spacious drawing room,3 bedrooms, a small kitchen with the view to the streets,a dining room and a small balcony facing a lake in the other side and even a small store room! What more can I ask!

After we settled in , I never minded climbing up 4 stairs. There are many a mornings when I used to stand in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee and watch hubby leave to work and standing there waiting for him to come back home so that I could start making snacks and serve it to him piping hot.And then there was the pleasure of watching the snow fall from the little kitchen while I prepared something for snacks/ dinner. It was like I was in heaven!!

A view from one part of my kitchen

The house was conveniently located near the city centre which has a lot of malls and places of entertainment. Also nearby were 2 vegetable markets where I felt like a kid in a candy shop!

I shopped for all new vegetables,cooked clicked and posted them on the blog. I loved exploring the city and the country and even started writing about my travels. I fell in love with the place and the people.

All in all I felt we had made the right decision of moving into a new country and we sure did have
tons of fun and tons of memories in a new land!Though we have now moved back to our home town, this move surely makes me think better and see what life has for me in a new light.
Now coming to the reason for posting this.Well, we all have several doubts and fears when we need to move away from a place where we are more comfortable with or where we grew up in. It never has to be so actually..Never fear the unknown.Be daring and check out what the new place has to offer and turn it into a blessing!!! With options like Housing.com transition can be a smooth and a hassle free job...

I really enjoyed writing this post. Hope you like it too...