Recipes with Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds have been a part of the diet for a long,long time.This is what I learnt when I was looking up for information about Lotus seeds.

I have seen lotus seeds when we were in China and found them to be used a lot in their dishes. Right from soups to porridge and even along with meats,it was something that was quite common. The super market had packs of this along with the grocery items.

Lotus seeds are a part of East Asian cuisine and are used extensively in Chinese medicine and Chinese desserts.

Here is what I find in India- Puffed lotus seeds....

The lotus seeds from China

This type, the one seen above, takes a long time to cook. The puffed one though is very easy and quick to cook with.

I researched the net and found these info on Lotus seeds...
This is what I read and not a medical advice.

Here are some of the recipes that are prepared with Lotus seeds...